NSEC joins SentinelOnes’ partner program to offer highly sophisticated, easy-to-manage and next generation endpoint security to its customers.

On 10th of April 2018 — NSEC announced that it has joined SentinelOnes’ partner program. By partnering with SentinelOne, the visionary next generation Endpoint solution, NSEC gains access to SentinelOnes’ advanced security solution to help protect and detect both known and unknown threats at their current and future customers.

NSEC, specialist in Cyber Security, supports customers obtaining optimal security. Diego Lopez, Head of Products at NSEC says: “ We were looking for a solid next generation endpoint security solution that could help our customers to detect, protect, respond and remediate against cyber-attacks. Especially the roll back functionality was a “wow” factor for us. Business continuity is a big theme for our customers and literally being able to recover a device to its pre-attack state in matter of seconds really blew us away. Also the ease of use of the product was a trigger to add this product to our portfolio”.

Steven Loewy, Channel Manager Northern Europe is also really excited about NSEC joining the partner program. He comments:” With NSEC joining our partner community here in Sweden we know that we have a highly knowledgeable and trusted partner in the Swedish market. Their technical expertise is superb and that is something we are after. I don’t need a massive amount of partners but the right partners with the right security DNA- and NSEC fits this profile perfectly.”

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NSEC are specialists in cyber security. Our goal is to help our customers achieve optimal security on digital systems and assets without having to implement changes that reduce accessibility in daily IT usage.
Our SOC (Security Operation Center) is the heart of our business. There, we operate, administer and monitor more than 55,000 customer-placed security systems.

Diego López
Head of Products
+46 8 564 728 39

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Marketing Manager Northern Europe